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I put out 50 pamphlets advertising our group in St. Ambrose last week, and they are now all gone! I will have to print some more! Let’s pray some of those people add their names to our group.


In other news, I heard that some very concerned parishioners were worried that St. Ambrose and Father Henry were going to switch back to Latin. Just to be clear, there will be no changes to the regular English Masses! We are simply a group of Catholics wishing to celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Form, and to that end we are looking to establish an extra Mass on Sunday that will be celebrated in Latin by a separate priest.

Have a great Sunday!












Here is the latest update to keep you informed of what is happening.

I have been in touch with Una Voce Canada and they are available to help us in any way that they can. They suggested we donate to the FSSP seminary as a group.

About 9 adults from Yarmouth are on our list now, with a few other names scattered throughout the province. A group from Digby is interested and I am waiting to hear back from them. There are 5 children included in our group.

I have been in contact with some people in Halifax. I am hoping that Halifax will be able to get a group together and that we can present our requests to the bishop at the same time.

I have printed advertising pamphlets for our community and placed them in St. Ambrose. I can send it to you as well if you’d like to have these for your church, but please ask the permission of your pastor first.

Father Henry of St. Ambrose has said that if we find a priest to say the TLM, he will invite him to Yarmouth to stay with him.

Going forward:

Once we get enough people we will send a letter to the bishop with all the names of the people requesting the Latin Mass and ask him to help us find a priest to say the TLM every Sunday

If at all possible we should put together a choir so that we can have a sung Mass.

We will need someone or some people to serve at the Mass.

If we manage to schedule a Mass, we will try to advertise it as widely as possible.


That’s about it. Keep spreading the word so that our group can grow!


How You Can Support the Latin Mass

We are hard at work trying to bring a Latin Mass to Yarmouth, and that certainly will require time and money. In the meantime, what can we do to still support the spread and promotion of the Extraordinary Form? Here are a few ideas for you:

fssp1) Support the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

I cannot say enough good about the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP)! They are a community of Roman Catholic priests who offer the Mass exclusively in the Extraordinary Form. They train seminarians from all over the world and they have a presence in many countries. I have met several FSSP priests and they were all wonderful and on fire for Christ and the Church. I have always found their preaching to be excellent. The FSSP priest in Edmonton was a big part of the reason I first loved going to the Latin Mass.

You can support them here, but the way I like to support the FSSP is through to donating to their seminary in Denton, Nebraska.

denton.jpgThis is Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton. Each seminarian requires about $7000 USD in tuition each year. Currently there is a seminarian from Edmonton named William Rooney, whom we have been supporting. There is also one from New Brunswick named Luc Poirier.

It would be a great idea for our community to get together and make a group donation once a year in support of a seminarian. This would help us to build a relationship with the FSSP and to be on their radar screen. An FSSP priest in Yarmouth would be a blessing of immeasurable worth!

The FSSP also has a confraternity that you can join to support their important work through prayer and offering Masses.


2) Support the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

The ICRSS is another society of priests dedicated to offering the Mass in the Extraordinary Form. I have been to their parishes in Lille, France. I don’t believe they have any apostolates in Canada as of right now, but they do have a presence in many countries, including the US. Their seminary is located in Italy.



They also have a lay society called The Society of the Sacred Heart.

3) Join Una Voce Canada


Una Voce Canada is the Canadian arm of Una Voce International. Una Voce International is a lay movement that seeks to protect and promote the Latin Mass as well as sacred music and art. Una Voce Canada helps Canadian parishes establish the Latin Mass and they fundraise to support Canadian seminarians at the FSSP and ICRSS seminaries, including Luc Poirier from Moncton.

Membership is $20 and with it you get their newsletter, eloop publications and any advice or assistance that they are able to provide with regards to establishing the TLM. They also have Masses said for the benefit of their members. By joining them you will be supporting this very important movement to protect and preserve the Latin Mass!

I have contacted them to help with our efforts here in Yarmouth.

4) Order some books from Fraternity Publications

Get some good traditional books from the FSSP’s official bookstore.

While you’re at it, check out Baronius Press and Biretta Books, too.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be quite expensive for Canadians to order from American stores. I have to admit that I try to use Amazon.ca as much as possible because the shipping is so much cheaper. However, many good books aren’t available from Amazon.


5) Subscribe to Latin Mass Magazine


I have recently subscribed to this, and what initially sold me on it was the fact that they have some FSSP contributors. It is a pretty good magazine with some very interesting reads. However, my one complaint would be that some of the articles are rather critical of the Ordinary Form (I like to avoid divisions and in-fighting) and sometimes the problems they address seem like making a mountain out of a molehill.

Well, it is up to you to decide! Apparently this a publication that is quickly growing in popularity.

6) Learn to sing traditional forms of music

If you are a musical person and enjoy singing, why not try learning Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony? You would become an invaluable asset to any Latin Mass community! It is a great way to contribute at the Latin Mass.

(Apparently Digby has a traditional schola. Maybe worth looking into?)

If you are talented with instruments, why not try learning to play the organ? I don’t have a musical bone in my body, otherwise I would love to try and learn. Being able to play the organ for Mass is something that people really appreciate, and it really brings the liturgy to another level.

7) Pray


And finally: pray, pray pray. It is essential to our efforts. In Edmonton, they liked to say novenas to St. John Vianney. When St. John Vianney first started working in Ars in 1818, the French Revolution had devastated the Church and there was widespread religious indifference amongst the towns people. Near the end of this life, however, tens of thousands of pilgrims were flocking to his church every year and he spent almost all of his day in the confessional. Wouldn’t it be great if tens of thousands of Nova Scotians started flocking to the TLM?

I have heard that another good saint for the intentions of the TLM is St. Joseph.


Well there you have it! And I’m sure you can come up with a few more ideas, too. What we really need right now is for people to commit to signing their names as requesting the Latin Mass, and to commit to coming to the Mass if it ever happens. Join our mailing list! yarmouthlatinmass@gmail.com

Feel free to contact me if you need any help navigating the above suggestions.

Have a great day. Pax Christi.


Chapel Veils, The How and Why

The first time I attended a Latin Mass I had a moment of panic because I had no chapel veil! Don’t worry, as it turns out, it is not mandatory. You are more than welcome to attend without a veil or head covering.

However, many women are rediscovering this traditional and beautiful practice, even at the Ordinary Form Mass. It is a part of our beautiful Catholic heritage. For centuries Catholic women wore veils at Mass, until it fell out of fashion in the mid 20th century. Now it is making a comeback.


Why do we veil?

Wearing a head covering at Mass is a beautiful symbol of our submission towards God, as well as a sign of humility and modesty. Purposefully putting on a veil as you enter a church shows that something has changed: you are now in the Real Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. We veil to show we respect that Presence, and that we are readying ourselves for worship. It helps us to enter into the right mindset for prayer and reverent worship. For many women, it helps them to stay focused during Mass and is a powerful reminder to centre their hearts on God.

Where can I get one?

I prefer to order my veils from Veils by Lily.


However, it can be pricey. Some women prefer to simply use scarves or hats as their head covering at Mass. That is perfectly ok! If you are really crafty, maybe you can try making your own.

As for colours, the trend in some places is for unmarried women to wear white, and married women to wear darker colours, but this is not a hard and fast rule. There are many colours available. As for age, many mothers wait for their little girls to ask to start wearing the veil before putting the veil on them.

And if you’d like, here is a lovely video about wearing the veil, from veilsbylily.com:

Pax Christi,


Latin Mass in St. John, NB!

This is great news for New Brunswick! Starting on October 29th, St. John will be having a Latin Mass every Sunday. It will be held at Holy Trinity Church, 348 Rockland Road, at 12:30 pm.


They have a great website, check it out: http://holytrinitysj.com/latinmass/

I really like this paragraph from their FAQ:

“Q: Is there anything I should study or read up on before going to the Extraordinary Form Mass?
A: While the Extraordinary Form Mass can seem daunting, you do not need any special knowledge or expertise to appreciate and pray with the Holy Mass. Simply prepare yourself in the same way you would any Mass by being mindful of the presence of God and giving thanks to Him for the gift of the Mass and of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Deo Gratias



Welcome to the website of the Yarmouth Branch of the Halifax-Yarmouth Latin Mass Society in Nova Scotia. This website will be used to post updates and information about Latin Masses happening in the area as well as any relevant news and happenings.

If you wish to join our group or get in touch with us, the contact information is as follows:

Yarmouth and area contact: Leila

Phone: 902-307-5966

Email: yarmouthlatinmass@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/yarmouthlatinmass/

Halifax and area contact: Thomas

Email: thomas_vess@hotmail.com

Phone: 902-425-4096

About me:

My name is Leila and I am spearheading the effort to get a Latin Mass established in Nova Scotia. I actually come from Edmonton, AB. I studied French and Translation Theory at the University of Alberta and it is there that I met my husband, Carl. We were married in 2014. We have two little girls with another baby on the way. Since Carl is originally from Yarmouth, we decided to move back here in April of 2017. In Edmonton we attended the Latin Mass offered by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter. We really miss it and, as wonderful as our parish here is, we’d love to have a Latin Mass to attend again! 348s