An Update

Hello all you Nova Scotians!

I think some people are getting confused, so let us clarify things.

There currently is no approved Latin Mass in Nova Scotia. In our diocese, this group is currently working very hard to establish one. We have been having meetings, and we have met with the archbishop. He was favourable towards our cause and we had a very good visit. We have been sending emails and letters to priests, trying to find one who could say the Extraordinary Form for us. We have even been collecting items such as vessels, vestments and missals. We have been spreading the word about our existence and trying to recruit new members. The parish priest in Yarmouth is fully supportive of our efforts.

We are currently in touch with a couple different priests that have expressed interest in learning to do the Extraordinary Form. However, things are moving slow. As you can probably understand, these priests are very busy, often even overworked. Many of them are now dealing with the diocesan restructuring. On top of that, establishing a Latin Mass all on our own takes a great deal of work. There is so much involved in getting this off the ground.

So we must be patient, and continue to pray pray pray.

St. Jean Vianney, pray for us. You grew your tiny parish from a few people up to thousands.


God bless,

Leila Chandler

One thought on “An Update”

  1. Greetings Leila,
    My name is Don, aged 64. I am a native of Toronto. I now reside in Cape Breton.
    Like yourself I have attended the Latin Mass and would like to see one started nearby.
    I attend Tridentine Masses when I travel back to Toronto at Holy Family parish (Oratory of Saint Philip Neri) .
    I have also attended Masses in Florida and Nevada when I visited there recently.
    Even though I am far from Yarmouth I think we have the same mission.
    That is to be catalysts for the return to traditional Catholicism in Eastern Canada.
    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for this initiative and to introduce myself as an ally for the return to Latin Mass.
    I understand there is an independent Catholic church in Amherst. Have you ben in touch with Father Ahearn?
    I do not know of any priests who are in Cape Breton who ae able to say the traditional Mass but I will be looking.
    There sure are lots of empty churches in Cape Breton should we resurrect the saying of the Traditional liturgy. Don


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