Pints With Aquinas

Hello everyone, and happy Advent! My children and I are getting excited for Saint Nicholas’ Day, a fun tradition that needs to be brought back!

We are currently trying to schedule a meeting with our Archbishop, so please pray for that.

In other news:

As traditionalists, we are aware of the importance of the thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas, a medievial scholastic philosopher who lived in the 13th century. His writings have been very influential in Catholic theology and philosophy.

However, he fell out of favour in the modern world, as being too rigid, scholastic, difficult, formal, or whatever. Not touchy-feely enough maybe, haha.

Well, young traditionalists today and many homeschooling families are bringing back Thomism! Today I am going to share with you a wonderful resource for acquainting yourself with the writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas: Pints with Aquinas. Pints With Aquinas is a podcast by Matt Fradd, a former apologist from Catholic Answers. I find his podcasts to be easy to understand, well explained, and with a good dash of humour and light-heartedness thrown in. They are excellent for the beginner Thomist. They will help you to be able to explain the Catholic faith better and to confidently respond to the objections posed by Atheists. What I like about podcasts is that I don’t have to sit down and read a long post. As a busy mom of three, I can listen to it while folding laundry, walking to the store, or getting supper ready. I am now much more conversant in the Quinque Viae.

Here are some of my favourite episodes (however it is generally recommend that you start with episode 1 and proceed on through in order):

Episode #28: 7 Common Logical Fallacies

Episode #29: More Logical Fallacies!

Episode #33: What’s the contingency argument for God’s existence? (With guest speaker Robert Delfino)

Episode #42: Is it possible to pray at all times?

Episode #42.5: Are you opposed to open borders?

Episode #46: Can you explain your argument for God from Design? (With Robert Delfino)

Episode #49.5: Does God exist? Michael Nugent vs William Lane Craig

Episode #66: Trent Horn vs Ricky Gervais

Episode #68: Responding to Hank Green’s objections to Aquinas’ 5 ways

Episodes #79 and #80: Ed Feser Responds to Richard Dawkins on Thomas’ 5 ways

Episode #91: Ten heresies every christian should know about (with Trent Horn)

Episode #93: What really happened to the 12 apostles? (with Sean McDowell)

Episode #95: Why does every atheist misunderstand your arguments for God’s existence?

Episode #102: What is Pascal’s Wager?

He also wrote a book:


It is excellent and I highly recommend it. Probably the most entertaining way to learn The Five Ways.

That’s all, folks. Please keep praying for our little community!


5 thoughts on “Pints With Aquinas”

      1. Great. I know a bunch of people from Saint Benedict parish who I think will be interested in going to a TLM, specially if done in the Basilica or a Halifax parish.


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    that this write-up very compelled me to try and do so!
    Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thanks, very nice


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