Crazy Summer Days

Hello everyone!

This has been a very busy summer for me. We have a new baby, planted a garden, and have been clocking many hours at the local playgrounds. I recently visited Edmonton and got to attend a Latin Mass said by Fr. Creurer of the FSSP. I only got one good picture (and there is a little toddler in the frame, how fitting, as there are so many young families there):















Fr. Philip Creurer is a great priest and we have had many wonderful conversations over the years that my family has known him. He is actually leaving the FSSP to work for the diocese of Edmonton as their judicial vicar! He will be the head of canon law, and will also teach canon law at the seminary there. Farewell, Father, and may God richly bless you in your new endeavours!

At the Mass I got to see an adorable 6 day old baby. There were at least half a dozen babies there, and probably almost a dozen toddlers, plus some pre-teens in the choir. The choir did an excellent job and sang Panis Angelicus, which was sung at my wedding.

While I was in Edmonton I also attended the wedding of a good friend, which was done in the Anglican Ordinariate Rite. It was beautiful and reverent, and if you ever have a chance to attend the Ordinariate Mass in Halifax, I highly recommend you do so.


I haven’t written much lately because this summer has been so busy. I am going to be working with Una Voce to draft some letters. Stay tuned!