Solemn Pontifical Mass in Washington, DC

Solemn Pontifical Mass, DC, April 28

This Mass happened on Saturday and was broadcast live, but now you can watch it on YouTube! It is beautifully commentated with explanations of the symbolism and history of the EF liturgy, and the homily by Archbishop Sample is excellent as well. He speaks about why people desire the Extraordinary Form and how the Novus Ordo and TLM exist side-by-side and not in opposition to each other. The Mass is astoundingly beautiful.

Link here:

The procession starts at 22:04.

The homily starts at 54:28.


Una Voce Halifax-Yarmouth Chapter

Good news! Una Voce Canada has approved our request to become a chapter. We are now the Una Voce Halifax-Yarmouth Chapter!

This is the statement of purpose we decided on:

1.      To support and promote the Gregorian Tridentine Mass;

2.      to introduce and promote the use of Latin, Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony in the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church;

3.      to promote spiritual devotions, particularly Eucharistic Adoration;

4.      to support traditional seminarians in their studies to become priests; and

5.      to educate fellow Catholics about the Traditional Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite).



Stay tuned!


Welcome to our new executive!


We had a meeting of our group on April 21st, and we elected executive members. They are as follows:

President: Leila Chandler

Vice-president: Thomas Vess

Secretary: Carl Chandler

Treasurer: Corrine Nickerson

Thanks for your continued support and interest! Please continue your prayers for us, and by God’s grace we will hopefully see the TLM come to our diocese.



Divine Mercy Devotions

Hi there. I just wanted to let everyone know that I and my family (barring illness or meltdowns) will be attending the Divine Mercy Sunday devotions in Meteghan at the Stella Maris church, at 3pm. It’s not in Latin or anything, we just thought we would go to the service in Meteghan this year.

You are welcome to join us! April 8th, 3pm, at Stella Maris in Meteghan.



Here is some info about Divine Mercy: