Watch the Latin Mass Live

Hello everybody. I am sorry about the long absence. I was very busy with the newborn, and then just as I was getting on top of things we got a long string of illnesses, with colds and tummy bugs that never seemed to end. My one friend called it The Plague. It seemed  like every family was getting sick!

We are better now and I wanted to share with you a website where you can watch the Latin Mass live. It is broadcast from Warrington, Sarasota, Fribourg and Guadalajara. The schedule for Warrington for Holy Week is here:

Warrington is four hours ahead of Nova Scotia, so their Saturday Mass will be broadcast at 6pm our time, and their Sunday Easter Mass will be broadcast at 7am our time. 

To see the Masses go to and click on the link that says LIVE.

In Christ,