Recap of Dec. 2 Meeting

Greetings and happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

Anyone who is on our mailing list received a copy of our meeting minutes. I will just quickly outline a few important points here:

1. We are changing our name! We are now the Halifax-Yarmouth Latin Mass Society. We decided to combine our efforts with Halifax in order to help each other out and potentially share a priest, if we find one willing to travel. But don’t worry, this does not mean we are passing the reins off to Halifax. We will still be trying to establish a Latin Mass right here in Yarmouth, or near Yarmouth, such as in Digby. The Halifax contact is Thomas Vess, who can be contacted at

2.  The Archbishop has been made aware of our group.

3. We will soon be trying to expand our advertising.

4. Some of us are searching around for a priest willing to say the TLM for us.

5. Yarmouth and area now has 19 names!

And finally, I would like to say that we probably won’t be sending a letter to the Archbishop, as I had previously said we would be. We will hold off on that for now!

Thank-you everyone for your continued support!




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